There is no denying that the real estate market is hot right now and consumers have many choices when it comes to what they will choose to buy and make their new home. Whether you are looking to sell, or creating a more comfortable forever home, here are five super simple (and effective) tips to increasing your home’s value starting TODAY.  

  1. Clean up the Kitchen

Kitchens wow, kitchens awe, and kitchens are a great place to put your dollars if you’re looking for a face lift for your home. You can go big: redoing the entire kitchen top-to-bottom, or you can go small: painting cabinets, updating light fixtures, knobs, sink faucets, and appliances. The kitchen is the room in which you get the most bang for your buck in increasing the value of your home. Invest in a kitchen that is neutral and will fit a wide variety of tastes (pun intended) and preferences so that it is adaptable to whomever makes your house their new home.

2. Channel Your Inner “Marie Kondo”

Organizing used to just be another chore on your to-do list, but now it’s all the rage and fun, thanks to Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo. Organization creates a neat, tidy, and streamlined home that welcomes guests by making a space feel larger and more manageable. If organization isn’t your thing, hire a professional organizer to help you take the stress out of de-cluttering and increase the visual appeal of your home’s interior.

3. Create Dreamy Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be cozy, inviting, and relaxing. Start simple by removing the items that should not be in the bedroom: computer desks, the entire laundry room, your home gym, etc. Keep the bedroom simple, tidy, neutral and soft. The bedroom is where new home buyers often visualize themselves waking each morning and ending each day so take this into consideration when giving it the special touches it deserves.

4. Freshen up the Paint

Bringing the “wow” factor back to your home does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes, a simple coat of new paint on the walls and trim is all you need to take a room from drab to fab. Stick to classics and neutrals and avoid going too bold to increase the chances that buyers will be able to visualize their own personal flair being accommodated in the space.

5. Wow them With that First Impression

“Location, location, location” to a business is the same as “curb appeal”, “curb appeal”, “curb appeal” to a home. This applies to what people see from the moment they park their cars in the driveway to what they see when they open the front door. Focus on making sure the yard is well-groomed and tidy, walkways are well-kept, and lighting that leads them directly into an organized entryway and living room. Remember that you have one chance to make a first impression. Does your front entry reflect who you are and the home beyond that door? Download our FREE guide to making sure your house gives a welcoming vibe.

Looking for more tips on increasing your home’s value? Check out our feature on for even more suggestions for decorating, remodeling, and adding storage to help your home stand out on the market! 

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