Mirror mirror on the wall, is your home the fairest of them all?

When my husband and I were first dating, he lived in a townhouse condo that was the epitome of a bachelor pad . . . big over stuffed furniture (I called one piece the marshmallow couch), an even bigger TV, and hardly anything on the walls. EXCEPT for one wall – it was covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling.

Now don’t get me wrong, the “wall of mirrors” had a really cool way of making the space appear larger, BUT it was downright ugly! Just cheap unframed rectangles glued onto the wall in solder like rows. The worst part of it was – he had placed his dining table in front of this wall so every time we ate dinner I felt like someone was watching us . Okay that someone was me, but it was downright weird.

Mirrors can really work magic in your home IF they are used in the right way. They are a designer’s best friend — a well-placed mirror can expand a small space, make the most of a room’s natural light, create a focal point and add pizzazz to your décor.

Create a focal point with a statement mirror

One of the top design trends Is to use a unique mirror to create a statement and focal point in a room

Denyne Designs LLC client project image

Visually expand a space with an oversized FRAMED mirror

Using an oversized mirror can visually expand a space. First and foremost think about what you want to reflect in that mirror . . . make sure it’s something that’s pleasing to the eye.

When a mirror reflects a window it bounces light throughout the room. This distressed cottage style mirror is the perfect companion to the soft colors & textures found in this room . . .

Image from lovecoffeemiracles.com

A mirror used in your entryway can make the space feel larger, and reflect energy out in to the room. Just don’t place it directly in line with the doorway! I love how the mirror is placed behind the table. Notice how the frame of the mirror ties in with the frame of the table?

Image from thecottagemarket.com

A mirror collage is a great alternative to framed art

Choose mirrors that have a similar shape and color, then group various sizes together. This is a perfect example of harmony & repetition in design:

Image from My Kirklands home décor blog

Use different shapes that have a common theme which ties everything together, in this case gold tone frames:

Denyne Designs LLC client project image

Add pizzazz to cabinet or closet doors my adding mirrors to the center panel

Here’s a great way to add some fun to a teenage girl’s bedroom – mirror the doors on her closet. A quick Feng Shui tip though – do not place a mirror directly across from your bed.

Image from apartmentlifestyle.net

Replace the glass in your cabinet doors with mirrors to add sparkle and light to a dark kitchen . . .

Image from Houzz

Go bold with a colorful mirror frame

What is your room’s accent color? Repeat it in the frame of a mirror and you’ll have just one more way to add a pop of color, and a big design statement at little cost. Notice how the frame of this mirror was painted purple to match the wallpaper? It adds a level of sophistication to the room.

In this image I love how they repeated the orange from the chair in the mirror frames. Notice how the wooden chair echoes the color of the floor? Simple design theory but it has a fantastic effect.

Image from thediyplaybook.com

Go on; give one of these mirror décor ideas a try today. The finished product will be chic and fun; plus I promise it won’t freak you out while you are eating spaghetti . . .

Be sure to check out next week’s blog post, where I’ll share designer tips on How to Arrange Your Bookcase.

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