Is your bedroom a peaceful, tranquil retreat where you can escape and recharge from your busy day?  

Sometimes we have the best intentions when we decorate our bedrooms to create this restful retreat, but we may be unknowingly sabotaging our efforts by breaking some of the Feng Shui guidelines for bedrooms. Some of these guidelines are a no brainer, but others you may not even know about. 

Read through the checklist below to see how your bedroom measures up: 

  • Don’t place your bed directly in line with the door – this will expose you to strong chi which makes you feel unsecure and restless when sleeping. The best place for a bed is against a wall furthest away diagonally from the door which will let you benefit from the chi flowing in the room but not expose you to strong chi as it enters the space.   
  • Have your bed easily approachable on each side.  
  • Avoid placing your bed under overhead beams or a low slanted ceiling.  
  • Avoid having a mirror directly facing and reflecting your bed. When you sleep your body recharges itself with fresh chi and negative chi leaves your body. If a mirror is reflecting you, the negative chi cannot leave your body.  
  • Remove water images from the bedroom – water creates an energy field of too much emotion and should be in an active energy filled area in your home, not a restful area like your bedroom.  
  • Carefully choose the images you display in your bedroom; especially those that hang above or next to your bed. What hangs above or near you influences what you dream about each night, so choose images that support your dreams or soothe your spirit.  
  • Increase the air flow and encourage positive chi in the room by opening the windows as often as possible.
  • Choose balanced soothing colors not bold bright colors. Colors that reflect a skin tone are said to be the best.  
  • Create balance and symmetry in your bedroom by placing round nightstands or nightstands with rounded edges on each side of your bed. Avoid nightstands with hard or sharp edge corners. Top the nightstands with matching table or wall hung lamps.  
  • Play soft relaxing music or sounds from nature to help you relax and go to sleep.   

Try applying some of these simple recommendations to your bedroom today - You’ll definitely notice the change in your bedroom’s energy and how you feel while in the space! 


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