Is your master bedroom a master bored room?  

Can the way you decorate your bedroom really help rev up the romance in the relationship with your significant other? I say a resounding hell yeah! 

It may sound crazy but it’s really simple, and there is scientific evidence to back up this claim – your environment effects how you feel in the space! When your bedroom is designed to make you feel more relaxed and more sensual you can’t help but feel amorous toward your partner. When the space is not welcoming, when it feels cluttered and chaotic, how far do you think that will go in feeding the romantic fire? 

Here are some tips on how design can rev up the romance in your master bedroom: 

  • Clean up the clutter. Nothing is more distracting and an arousal damper than looking at a room crammed full of stuff.  
  • Clear out the electronics. I know you’re not going to like it, but remove the distraction of that TV, or at the very least conceal it somehow! Nightly news or nightly naughty, hmmm I think I’ll take the latter. 
  • Display several pictures of you & your partner – including favorite shots from your dating days, favorite trip, etc., around the room. Save the family pictures for elsewhere in your home. 
  • Place a bouquet of flowers by your bedside like roses or orchids in deep saturated colors, or float a gardenia in a bowl of water – the scent is intoxicating. 
  • Create the mood with lighting – soft 15-watt bulbs or a grouping of candles is definitely a way to turn down the lights & turn up the heat. 
  • Select warm colors when picking the paint or bedding for your room.  You’ll look more flattering in soft warm shades of caramel, apricot or deep rose. 
  • Add a touch of red or deep pink to rev up the heat in a bedroom.
  • Hang a sensual piece of art or display a sensual sculpture in your bedroom. 

Find out how Feng Shui can complete your master bedroom retreat in my next blog post… 


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